MTT – Micro Therm Tech

Multi-technology cabin ovens for just in time production to realize unique products.

MTT booths have been designed and developed with combined technologies (Microwave, Infrared, hot and cold air) thanks to studies and applications in different operative sectors which offers high standards both in productivity and treatment's homogeneity. MTT is In-built with infrared (IR) patented system MICRORED and microwave combined with hot air in recirculation and high quality certified insulating material panels, the heating performance featured by our machines is uniform throughout the treatment chamber and desired temperatures can be achieved faster and maintained, reducing processing time and energy consumption.

The MTT booth integrates different temperature modulation:

  • Low temperature – e.g. for food treatments
  • Medium temperature – e.g. for drying of varnishes on wood components
  • High temperature – e.g. for drying of varnishes on metal, ceramics etc.
  • Maximum temperature – 130°C
  • Dimensions customizable
  • High quality thermal insulation materials
  • Regulation of process variables (type of energy source, power, time, temperature) via microprocessor
  • Door locking safety switch
  • Rapid heating times due to low thermal mass
  • Heating stability and uniformity
  • Possibility to customize the cabin with stainless steel inox AISI 316 or 314 cavity.

The multipurpose cabin is used in various applications and sectors:

  • Food treatments (Pasteurization, sanitization, cooking, drying, etc.)
  • Polymerization of glue/resin
  • Drying treatments – drying of cold-water varnishes on wood supports, metals, ceramics, etc.
Technology Plus
  • Instantaneous capacity of energy penetration with very high heating speed
  • Instantaneous activation and quiescing
  • Possibility to combine different technologies
  • Outstanding heating selectivity of different materials
  • High Energy saving
  • Heating takes place from inside to object surface
  • 100% safe during use
  • Adaptability of technology (by dimension and by process type)
  • Variety of range, quality & flexibility
  • MODULARITY The MTT booths have been conceived as modules and can be joint in order to obtain a treatment tunnel of different lengths, in which it could be treated single trolleys or semi-manufactured products of big dimensions (ex. panels, boat's bodies etc.). Moreover, thanks to partialization systems among the modules (that takes place through closing/opening's shutters placed between a module and the following) is possible to work only in one part of the tunnel, fitting the energy quantity to the real load, avoiding efficiency decreases and energy wastes. Through the management of the shutter's closing, there is the possibility to follow at the same time more treatment recipes.
  • ADAPTABILITY The MTT booths are available in different versions: low temperature (ex. for food treatments), medium temperature (ex. varnishing drying up on wood supports) and high temperature (ex. varnishing drying up on metal, drying up on ceramic objects and ceramic glazes). Besides there are available various optional in order to fit the oven to the requested applications, as the possibility to put a stain steel AISI 316 or 314 cavity. The machine has particularly strengthened against unfavorable working conditions, such as high temperatures or dusty environments.
  • RECIPE SELECTION The different technologies (IR-MW- cold/hot air) can be chosen singularly or can be regulated with combined modality. Through the control panel is possible optimize and memorize recipes of specific treatments. Indeed, the three technologies have different peculiarity and efficacies for each treated material and their combined action allows quickly a better result.
Technical Characteristics
Internal Dimensions
Customized dimensions are done on request
1800 mm x 3000 mm
2000 mm x 4000 mm
Height of Treatment Chamber 2100 mm or 2400 mm
Weight 3000 kg
Installed Power Min.56 kW (with microwaves, infrared and hot air)
Heating System Microwaves, IR Panels (MICRORED) + Hot Air in Recirculation
Voltage 400 V Triphases - 50 Hz
Working Temperature Low - Environmental temperature
Medium – 80°C
High – 130°C
Process Recipe Programs Programmable recipes
User panel Touch Screen
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