Oven With Adjustable 8 KW Microwave, With Rotatory Plate And Stainless Heating Chamber.

ARES is line of professional ovens which has been designed for professional use and for industrial use in the food processing sectors for heating treatments such as cooking, pasteurization, drying, food shelf life extension and defrosting of frozen foods.

The ARES microwave oven has been designed by for professional use and for industrial use in the food sector and more in general for all these processes that need a heat treatment, such as cooking, pasteurization, regeneration, drying but also defrosting large blocks of frozen product.

ARES is a combined technology oven; the user can create recipes by selecting both microwaves and traditional heating through electric heaters. Energy sources can be selected one at a time or may be selected both. This was thought to give the maximum flexibility of use and therefore the best results for the user.

Technical Features

The oven has a compact dimension, that makes it easier for installation, in professional kitchens or in handicraft workshops or in research & industrial development centers.

The oven has a stainless-steel structure for food use. Every part is completely accessible for any maintenance and cleaning.

A cabin is provided where the heat treatment is performed, closed by a special door that blocks the microwaves, but it allows you to check the procedure of the recipe as manually.

In the room there is a rotating top to place the product to be treated, the air filter, the lights that may illuminate the room even during the work cycle.

It is equipped with a superior technical compartment, where they are accommodated

  • Microwave generation devices
  • Aeraulic systems with a smoke expulsion chimney that can be connected to the exhausted recovery systems
  • The control panel
  • The electrical panel
  • And a simple intuitive system of communication to the user through colors.

The lower compartment is intended to contain the instrumentation and equipment of the user and can be equipped with a shelf and closed by two book leaves.

The socket for the current is easily reachable.

Technical details
  • Multi-technology microwave oven and hot air up to 200 ° C
  • Settable treatments: cooking, pasteurization, tempering, drying, heating, thawing, etc...
  • 8 kW continuously adjustable microwave
  • Maximum temperature: 200 ° C
  • Maximum consumption 15kW
  • Rotating loading surface with removable and washable plate
  • Door with "zero effort" opening and glass porthole for process control in the chamber
  • Treatment chamber illuminated also during treatment
  • Colour operator panel, touch screen, with the possibility of saving recipes
  • Colour visual indication of the oven status (operation, standby, temperature maintenance, alarms)
  • Smoke / vapor extraction chimney

Dimensions and weight of the Oven:
1) Weight – 600 kg
2) Width – 115 cm
3) Depth – 110 cm
4) Height – 210 cm with adjustable feet

Treatment chamber dimensions:
1) Maximum chamber width - 92 cm
2) Chamber height - 31 cm

Rotating loading surface dimensions:
1) Internal useful - 83 cm
2) Useful height - 20 cm


ARES ovens can be used in various heating treatments for Food, Plastics, Rubber and Wood.

Technology Benefits
  • A single oven for multiple uses
  • Stability and uniformity: the stability of the process, with respect to temperatures, is perfectly controlled in all environmental conditions
  • Possibility to choose the heating method: thermal or microwave
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Complete cleanability and accessibility to the technical compartments
  • Ease of use
  • Compact
  • Plug & Play
  • Instant on and off of microwaves
  • Maximum levels of safety in use
  • Colour visual system to understand the operating status of the oven, even in the distance
  • Simplified maintenance:
    • ordinary cleaning can be performed safely by a single operator
    • the treatment room can be cleaned in every corner
    • the turntable can be removed and washed separately
    • the technical compartment is accessible by opening the panel on the back
    • the microwave system is a compact system which, in the event of a malfunction, can be removed by unskilled personnel and can be sent to the company for maintenance
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