Configurable tunnels with combined microwave technology for continuous processes.

WAVEX is a line of industrial tunnels for in-line systems that combine microwave technology with air and/or infrared. The tunnels are configurable in the required dimensions (e.g. length and width) and in the integrated thermal technology.

They are equipped with digitalisation, interconnection, automation and eventually robotisation devices.

They guarantee maximum safety of use and ergonomics.

They are designed to drastically reduce maintenance times and optimize production processes to the maximum.

  • Drying of organic materials and aggregates
  • Heating treatments on products on reels or in continuous production
  • Gluing of polymer or paper
  • Polymerization of resins deposited on wood, glass, plastic or metal, polymerization of glues
  • High Energy saving
  • 100% safe during use
  • Less environmental impact
  • Uniformity of temperature inside the oven
  • Instant power on & off
  • Effective production and less time consumption
  • Optimization of production time
  • Certifiable digitalization Industry 4.0
  • High maintainability
  • High degree of configurability
Technical Characteristics
  • Tunnel for continuous process with combination of microwave, hot air and/or infrared
  • Suitable for thermal processes from 50° to 130°C
  • High quality insulation with low biopersistence materials
  • The thermal technology used is designed to work at high efficiency and guarantee a reduction in energy costs, a significantly faster temperature ramp and temperature uniformity on the products
  • Uniformity and thermal stability along the entire tunnel
  • Manual lifting of the chamber for maintenance or production change
  • Optional: automatic lifting of the heating chamber in case of emergency stop
  • Easy to use operating menu
  • Programmable controllers with HMI (Human Machine Interface) displays enable intuitive operation and comprehensive machine diagnostics
  • Adaptable to the specific processing requirements of the customer

WAVEX tunnels implement continuously adjustable microwave technology. Microwaves can be combined with convection or infrared radiation heating. The microwave application system is adapted to the width of the conveyor belt and can therefore be based on power supply systems or slot waveguide systems. Generally speaking, the microwave setup is designed to be maintained even by non-specialized operators.

Power supply application system
WAVEX MIT Industrial
Slot waveguide application system
WAVEX MIT Industrial

Magnetic field attenuation systems and safety equipment:

The oven is equipped with special attenuation stages of the input and output electromagnetic field.

The EWA attenuation system is patented and does not require maintenance, as it does not use liquid systems.

The tunnels, which can be completely opened for maintenance, are set up with all the safety systems necessary to contain the electromagnetic field.

Thanks to the EWA systems and shielding, the tunnels operate continuously at emission levels well below those permitted by law, allowing the machinery to fall into category 0.

WAVEX MIT Industrial

WAVEX tunnels are equipped with lifting systems that allow the machinery to be opened for complete access to the work area. Thanks to this equipment, maintenance is carried out in total safety, in a very short time and without dismantling operations.

The conveyor belt is customized to be suitable for the type of process required and the technology used.

Thanks to our in-depth experience and numerous studies, we can offer solutions that include a wide range of belts compatible with microwave use. We select the best conveyor belts made with the latest generation raw materials, of high quality and durability.

The oven is equipped with interfacing systems with the customer's loading and unloading devices.
WAVEX MIT Industrial
WAVEX MIT Industrial
WAVEX for polymerization of resins on stone