For drying of varnish with UV Polymerization

UV photopolymerization ovens allow the drying of varnishes, sprays & coated components, and are modules designed in order to support up to 4 radiating parables.
(Note: Applicable for Food Sector too)
Lamp power supply systems are the devices MUV FULL DIGITAL that manage independently both the adjustment of the lamps and the parable. Thanks to MUV devices, the electric panel and the management software of the ovens are compact and simplified. The technological solutions adopted guarantee the maximum optimization of the radiating system in order to avoid energy wastes in the absence of passage of the piece.
PLUG & PLAY CONSOLE for the complete management of the UV OVEN: It is used to control, two or four MUV devices.
Console operator with energy saving power supply MUV FULL DIGITAL for high power UV lamps.
Plug & play: Connecting the power cable, the UV lamps, the parables and the photocell, the console is ready to manage the whole UV lamps oven.

  • Control and adjustment of the transport's system of the oven
  • Optional: inverter for the engine of the transport's system of the oven
  • Power disconnecting switch
  • Emergency button
  • Start button, forced stand-by for energy saving, stop of the lamps
  • Variable electronic control of the frequency of emission
  • Variable radiated specific power
  • Specific variable emitted time
  • Reduction of processing times
  • Weight and dimension reduction
  • Uniform radiation
  • Reduction of lamping time
  • Reduction the wear of lamps
  • Energy saving
Technical Characteristics
Output characteristics
Power range 4 – 11 kW 4 – 22 kW 12 - 33 kW
Lamp voltage range 400 ÷ 1800 V 850 ÷ 2400 V 1500 ÷ 2800 V
Max lamp current 15A 13A 15A
Max cable length to lamp 30 m
General characteristics
Input requirements 376 – 410 V or 400 – 470 V or 440 – 525 V
3 Phases
48 – 62 Hz
Physical dimensions L. 495 x P.520 x H. 295 mm or L. 575 x P.520 x H. 295
Weight 40 kg 40 kg 45 kg
Mark CE
Electrical properties
Electrical efficiency > 95 %
Power factor > 0.91
Power line loading Symmetrically on 3 phases
Working frequency 15-32 kHz
Standby power 5-30 %
Adjustment from Pmin to Pmax 20% - 110%
Time from Standby to ON 0,2 – 0,5sec
Time from On to Standby 1-2 sec
Time from OFF to ON 60 sec
Fan speed 30% - 120%
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