Microred (Infrared) membrane ovens for glass lamination with the best quality output and high production with automatic cycles.

JUMBO lamination ovens are designed, thanks to 10 years of experience in glass lamination for the companies that deal with large / mass productions, to laminate large sized glass panels with automatic cycles without the need of operators or labor. This oven line is characterized by its spacious and convenient movable double treatment chamber and its combined heating system of IR patented panels (MICRORED) & hot air in recirculation.

  • Heating done by IR Microred and hot air in recirculation
  • High quality silicone membrane for greater strength and durability
  • PTFE net included for high vacuum performance
  • High resistance silicon sheet PTFE net included for high vacuum performance
  • Quick silicon sheet downs
  • Possibility to save the cycle parameter (temperature, vacuum state, time) in a USB memory (e.g. for the glass certification)
  • Possibility to use EVA or PVB
  • Fast connection system for vacuum bag
  • Vacuum control with digital vacuum meter
  • Forced air cooling at the end of the heating cycle (for the highest quality of glass transparency
  • Fully automatic control process panel
  • Easy access to the main components (vacuum pump) 2 independent double stage vacuum pump (one for each drawer) with high suction and vacuum depression performance
  • Simple and economical processing time: unlike the processes in a standard autoclave, it is possible to heat glasses of different dimensions or thickness.
  • Easy to operate: A user-friendly touch screen is provided on all machine models to allow the user to input, modify and/or save the desired glass lamination recipes. The control panel includes warning signals and lights, which easily indicate the presence of errors
  • Labor saving and work area efficiency: A spacious worktop is provided, for assembling of glasses, potentially reducing required work area and internal product handling.
  • Strength and durability: All the machines possess a robust steel support frame (coated with an anti-corrosive paint) and internal steel platform support(s) to handle the various stresses present in a factory environment.
  • Energy saving & increase in productivity: Thanks to the high quality of technical characteristics and high quality certified insulating material panels, the heating performance featured by our machines is uniform throughout the treatment chamber and desired temperatures can be achieved faster and maintained, reducing processing time and energy consumption.
  • Long-term aging resistance: we use the best components and materials to guarantee the best durability of the machine over the time.
  • Specialized training: Our staff is available to resolve any issues with our machines. In addition, our specialized technicians provide training for use our machines to laminate glasses.


TO CREATE SAFETY GLASS: in the event of breaking, the glass maintains together without shattering into sharp pieces. The interlayer adhesive EVA film keeps the layers of glass bonded. To create decorative glass: EVA excellent transparency, adhesion and barrier characteristics allow the usage of laminated glass on numerous applications, such as furniture, paintings, sculptures, etc.

MANY ADVANTAGES: Simple and economical processing time: unlike other common adhesives, EVA's chemical composition makes it possible to treat laminated glass at relatively low heat cycles and without the need of a pressurized chamber (autoclave)- UV protection- High impact resistance- Sound barrier- Long-term aging resistance

Additional information on EVA:

  • EVA's waterproof and humidity durability characteristics permit easy handling and storage.
  • EVA films are available in a wide range of colors (white, transparent, red, green, yellow, blue etc.)
Technical Characteristics
Application Glass Lamination
Internal platform work area standard dimensions 2 Platform each 2500 mm x 4200 mm
Height of Treatment chamber 400 mm
Machine outermost standard dimensions 3780 mm x 11770 mm x h 2311 mm
Weight 4000 kg
Installed Power (max. absorption) 102 kW (26kW / 43kW / 76kW / 102kW programmable via software)
Heating system IR Panels (MICRORED) + Hot air in recirculation
Estimated absorbed power / standard cycle 16kWh / 26kWh / 46kWh / 62kWh
Voltage 400 V Triphase – 50 Hz
Working temperature 130 °C
Maximum temperature 150 °C
Process recipe programs Up to 256 programmable recipes / up to 10 interval cycles
Automatic Night cycle Programmable
Number of treatment drawers 2
Tear resistance silicon sheet (with net in PTFE coated fiber glass) 4 (1.5 mm thick)
EVA roll support Optional
Forced cooling system Yes
Number of vacuum valves 2 per treatment platform
Vacuum silicon bag with easy attachment Optional
Number of vacuum pumps (Pump Power) 2 (1.5 kW) triphase double data
Vacuum meter Yes, digital
Programmable logic controller (PLC) Touchscreen
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