Combined IR & hot air ovens for thermally treating the coil products.

CONFLOW is an industrial oven combined with infrared and hot air which operates in a line system. The oven is used to reduce the deformations and tensions that are created on the surface of the coils, films and sheets. FLOW2800, FLOW2200 are models specially with different dimensions designed for thermally treating the coil products, plastic films (polymers) and sheets after the extrusion process.

  • Drying treatments
  • Heating treatments
  • Plastic Gluing
  • Polymerization
  • High Energy saving
  • 100% safe during use
  • Less environmental impact
  • Uniformity of temperature inside the oven
  • Instant power on & off
  • Effective production and less time consumption
Technical Characteristics
  • Continuous oven with combination of infrared and hot air
  • Maximum temperature: 130 ° C
  • Outside oven temperature - Ambient temperature
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant and easy to clean
  • The heat sources are highly efficient and guarantee a reduction in energy costs, a significantly faster temperature ramp and a uniform temperature on the products
  • Uniformity of radiation and temperature control using thermal array sensors
  • Well-designed air flows and electric power modulation allow obtaining an extremely uniform temperature inside the oven
  • High quality insulation ensures a low temperature outside the oven
  • Automatic lifting of the heating chamber in the event of an emergency stop to avoid damage to the product
  • Manual lifting of the heating chamber for maintenance or change of production
  • Operating panel easy to use
  • Programmable controllers with HMI (Human Machine Interface) displays allow intuitive operation and complete machine diagnostics
  • Once programmed, the oven automatically turns on / off infrared sources in specific positions to regulate the temperature over the entire surface of the treated film
Minimum installation area length 5615 mm 5505 mm
Minimum installation area width 6282 mm 5678 mm
Minimum installation area height 4500 mm 4500 mm
Maximum machine length 5326 mm 5216 mm
Maximum machine width (w/o electric cabinet) 5182 mm 4578 mm
Maximum height of the machine 3610 mm 3610 mm
Films / Sheet Dimensions
Maximum width 2950 mm 2200 mm
Thickness 1/11 mm 1/11 mm
Length Theoretically infinite Theoretically infinite
Electric Energy / Supply
Power supply voltage of electrical equipment 3/N/PE/400V/50Hz+/-4% 3/N/PE/400V/50Hz+/-4%
Supply frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Type of connection to the earth circuit* TN – S TN – S
Supply voltage of the auxiliary circuits 110VAC – 24 VDC+/-10% 110VAC – 24 VDC+/-10%
*Electrical distribution systems other must be verified and agreed with the machine manufacturer.
Consumption – Electrical Energy
Ventilator recirculation power 4x1.1 kW 4x1.1 kW
Suction power 1.1 kW 1.1 kW
Pre-heating power resistors 6x12 kW 6x12 kW
IR power 20x5 kW – 4x3.4 kW 12x5 kW-8x2.5kW-6x3.4kW
Total power installed 191 kW 171 kW
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